1830 Georgius IV Sovereign


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The 1830 gold sovereign was the eleventh and final sovereign to be issued during the reign of King George IV. This is because two sovereign designs were issued in 1825. The updated bare head design was issued in 1825 together with the older design. From 1825 onwards (until 1830) only the bare head portrait of George IV with a crowned sheild reverse design was issued.

Besides being minted in Britain, Sovereigns have been made in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth), India (then Bombay, now Mumbai), Canada (Ottowa) and South Africa (Pretoria) although these regional mints have not made sovereigns since 1932. The non-British coins carry a small mintmark (‘S’,’M’,’P’,’I’,’C’ or ‘SA’) just above the date. This 1830 Gold Sovereign was minted at The Royal Mint.

Mintage: 2,387,881 (may include coins issued as part of a set).

Too difficult to be found in MS condition like this one.

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