2017 Gold Sovereign Struck on The Day-PR70DCAM

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The Strike on the Day sovereign is struck in a brilliant uncirculated finish – a ‘proof-like’ brilliant uncirculated finish.

The coin bears Benedetto Pistrucci’s original garter design which first appeared on sovereigns in 1817. The reverse engraving on the 2017 sovereign was achieved using remastered dies of the original dies used for the 1817 George III sovereign. Struck in 22 carat gold, the British sovereign is British legal tender and is exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Unlike the proof and the uncirculated sovereigns issued in 2017, the BU sovereign has been produced with a plain edge. The coin is limited to a mintage of 1,817 

Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated coins are struck with polished dies. Although they may look like proof coins, they are not struck to the same finish. The 2017 200 Anniversary Strike on the Day BU sovereign is struck to a proof-like finish which was achieved by the coin being struck three times.

Many sovereigns were issued with a certificate which stated inside that the finish was a proof finish instead of a brilliant uncirculated finish.

Graded as PR70DCAM but it is MISLABELLED by PCGS as the coin is a Prooflike coin.

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