2024 Elephant Somalia 100 Shillings African Wildlife 1 Oz Silver Coin

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The bullion coin African Wildlife Somalia Elephant is minted since 2004 with the permission of the Somali Republic and has a fineness of 999.9/1000. Since its first appearance, the coin is steadily gaining popularity. It owes this success mainly to its high quality and attractive design. Carrying the face value of 100 Somali Shillings, the Somalia Elephant 1 oz is an officially legal tender in the Somali Republic. On the reverse, you can see the coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Somalia, the face value of 100 Somali Shillings and the year of minting. On the obverse is the annually changing motif of two elephants, to which the coin owes its popularity and impressive charm. Around the motif of the elephants is a border in which the words African Wildlife – Elephant – 1oz Ag 999.9 was embossed.

You will receive a coin from our stock inside a coin flipper.

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